27-28 March 2019 - Mexico City

Thought leaders from OEM’s, suppliers, and logistics providers gather together to discuss materials planning and logistics challenges and to share exciting new strategies facing both Mexico and the US automotive supply chain as a whole

The conference is structured around a progressive agenda tailored to cover all the current hot topics and to address the emerging challenges facing the industry, with expert insight delivered by the industries leading players.

14-15 May 2019 - Graz, Austria

This new world of logistics offers new meaning to Just-in-time with new intuitive logistics systems being developed across the chain. Increased efficiencies are being discovered as AI crunches data gathered from new digitalisation projects from across the sector - offering brand new analytics. With the addition of the deployment of robotic, autonomous transport systems at plants, ports and other key areas, we are building towards an advanced, efficient and connected end-to-end supply chain, from production logistics – to finished vehicle and beyond.

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