CEVA starts China to Hamburg rail service

Jun 26, 2017    Supply Chain

CEVA Logistics has launched a new rail service linking Shilong in southern China's Guangdong province to Hamburg in Germany.

Road & Rail Services wins TDSI Terminal Excellence award and named Terminal of the Month

Jun 22, 2017    Supply Chain

Road & Rail Services, a Louisville, Kentucky-based leading provider of rail and automotive services in North America, was recently awarded the TDSI Terminal Excellence Award and named Terminal of the Month of April for its Walbridge, Ohio location.

CEVA Logistics opens an office in Myanmar

Jun 22, 2017    Supply Chain

As part of its strategic expansion in the emerging Mekong markets, CEVA Logistics has opened its office in Myanmar's capital, Yangon.

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Horizon Terminals expands operations in Port Everglades, Florida

Jun 21, 2017    Supply Chain

After taking over the Port Everglades Auto Terminal mid-2016 the company's operations have grown by about 45% in terms of volume throughput, and in May and June 2017 it contracted two new OEMs for inbound and outbound vehicle flows.

Court rules on new habitat for protected poisonous plant in Hamburg Port

Jun 21, 2017    Supply Chain

A large growth of hemlock water dropwort, a deadly but protected species, has been relocated to Billwerder Island near Hamburg Port after a court ruling.

Avoiding the wrong kind of disruption – Bosch and partners ProveIT

Jun 19, 2017    Supply Chain

Three-year collaboration results in integrated planning and management platform, app for truck drivers, and services for material and transportation planners.

FTA's head of Euro policy says seamless trade and logistics must be priorities in Brexit talks

Jun 16, 2017    Supply Chain

As Brexit negotiations get underway, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) calls on the UK government to prioritise logistics and trade to ensure free freight movement in Europe.

UECC cleans up with ship-to-ship LNG bunkering service in Zeebrugge

Jun 16, 2017    Supply Chain

European ro-ro operator UECC has set up a weekly ship-to-ship bunkering service for its Auto Eco and Auto Energy vessels, which can run on liquefied natural gas (LNG) as well as heavy fuel.

CEVA partners with Goodpack to deliver unique solutions for tyre customers

Jun 15, 2017    Supply Chain

CEVA Logistics has signed an MOU with Goodpack, which operates the world's largest fleet of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) to develop a new game-changing concept for transportation within the tyre industry.

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