Volvo sets out its safety stall with exciting new initiatives for all OEMs to share

Mar 20, 2019    Features

Volvo Cars held a global video presentation entitled Volvo Cars Moment on March 20, unveiling several exciting new safety initiatives and talking of ‘open sourcing’ safety-related data, for all OEMs and suppliers to access, reports Simon Duval Smith.

If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen

Mar 4, 2019    Features

So went the catchline of the 1987 Volkswagen ad featuring Princess Diana lookalike Paula Hamilton throwing away her engagement ring, pearls and fur coat but keeping her Golf as she walked out of her spurned fiancee’s mews house.

BMW - revolutionising logistics through robotics and virtual reality

Jan 24, 2019    Features

In this second of two articles, Simon Duval Smith looks in depth at the specialised robotic applications, the use of virtual reality, and highlights some specific applications of digitalisation in the BMW Group’s finished vehicle delivery system.

Ports in Spain and Portugal - progress with a few growing pains

Jan 23, 2019    Features

In our ongoing series on ports and processors, we look at two facilities in Europe, Port of Barcelona in Spain and Port of Leixões in Portugal which will be vying for import and export business with the newly expanding North African market as well more established markets in Europe and the US

Accuride Corporation appoints ex-Ford exec as interim President and CEO

Jan 9, 2019    Features

The Board of Directors of Accuride Corporation – a leading supplier of wheel end systems to the global commercial vehicle industry – has announced that it has appointed Jason Luo to serve as Interim President and Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Mazda - bringing Japanese auto culture to Europe

Oct 5, 2018    Features

Mazda has had turbulent times in Europe over the last 20 years, with shifting alliances, an incomplete product range and an inefficient delivery chain but the OEM is actively addressing these challenges as Simon Duval Smith reports.

Ford’s finished vehicle finesse

Oct 1, 2018    Features

Five years ago, Ford was embarking on a road to recovery; rationalising its product range in Europe and beyond and redesigning its production location strategy has had a profound impact on its finished vehicle distribution network as Simon Duval Smith reports.

Agility in Alabama - Hyundai shifts production in the US

Sep 18, 2018    Features

The Korean carmaker has shown great flexibility in using its resources in the US to better use its assets and tailor its output to match a growing market for its SUV as Chris Susock, head of Hyundai US manufacturing explains.

The impact of new technology on vehicle logistics

Sep 7, 2018    Features

Trisha Chowdhury speaks to Hervé Moulin of the Renault Nissan Alliance about the impact of new technology on automotive logistics and supply chain.

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