Battery in focus: logistics for tomorrow’s vehicle powertrains

Sep 1, 2018    Features

As a part of the recent Automotive Leaders Summit at Liverpool’s International Business Festival, a special Battery in Focus forum was hosted by logistics expert CHEP.

Ford of Europe - going from strength to strength

Aug 27, 2018    Features

Ford of Britain makes engines for many of Ford Europe's vehicle lines and it is still the best-selling brand in cars and trucks in the region, with complex and lean inbound and finished vehicle supply chains.

Mexico - down but certainly not out

Aug 25, 2018    Features

President Trump’s attacks on the North American Free Trade Agreement, the prospect of a US-Mexico border wall and protectionist policies have caused ripples in the Mexico auto industry over the last year but its low production costs and improving logistics links means it remains an attractive location says Simon Duval Smith.

Where’s your shipment? Just ask Tracy...

Aug 24, 2018    Features

Automotive Purchasing and Supply Chain has been given an exclusive view of an exciting development in tracking and tracing for time critical shipments as Simon Duval Smith reports.

Grainger and Worrall - a great British company that is casting its net wider

Aug 23, 2018    Features

Grainger and Worrall (G&W) is an expert engineering company that is constantly and confidentially enabling the roll-out of new technologies and projects for its global OEM and tier supplier clients, as Simon Duval Smith discovers.

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