Volkswagen Safety Technology rewarded by Euro NCAP

Mar 18, 2020    Technology

Euro NCAP rewards Volkswagen’s ‘Local Hazard Warning’ system with an ‘Advanced’ award.

New Ford tech helps drivers steers clear of ditches and drops

Mar 16, 2020    Technology

Driving in rural areas can be tricky when unmarked road edges become ragged and give way to open land, muddy ditches and sheer drops. Driving at night – in unlit areas especially – can be a challenge. Most road fatalities in Europe occur on rural roads and – unlike in urban areas – car occupants make up the biggest share of those fatalities.

ZF launches industry first Front Electric Park Brake

Mar 12, 2020    Technology

ZF has launched an industry first Front Electric Park Brake, extending the range of Electric Park Brake (EPB) systems to a wider range of vehicles. With this solution, car manufacturers can now equip smaller vehicles with an advanced braking system and design their interior without the classic handbrake lever or park brake pedal.

Toyota develops new Paint Atomiser with over 95% Coating Efficiency

Mar 12, 2020    Technology

Toyota Motor Corporation has developed a new type of paint atomiser (airless paint atomiser) that uses static electricity instead of air, to replace the conventional air paint atomisers used in the vehicle body painting process.

SEAT working to further develop driver fatigue detection technologies

Mar 6, 2020    Technology

SEAT is researching and developing artificial intelligence technology to combat driver fatigue and improve road safety.

Major OEMs choose BorgWarner's new high-voltage coolant heaters

Mar 3, 2020    Technology

BorgWarner´s state-of-the-art coolant heaters are expected to appear in 2021 on the next generation of passenger cars produced by global OEMs.

Goodyear showcases new reCharge tyre concept

Mar 3, 2020    Technology

The Goodyear reCharge is a revolutionary self-regenerating concept tyre that can adapt and change to meet individual mobility needs.

Ford develops tech to help stop drivers from ‘Dooring’ cyclists

Feb 28, 2020    Technology

Every year thousands of accidents are caused by drivers or passengers opening a door into the path of a cyclist. “Car dooring” results in 60 cyclists being seriously injured or killed each year in the UK alone, while in Germany it was the cause of around 3,500 accidents during 2018. This problem is expected to get worse as more people choose to cycle and ride e‑scooters in cities.

BMW Group Plant Munich builds on AI and smart use of data

Feb 28, 2020    Technology

BMW Group Plant Munich is making increasing use of applications with artificial intelligence (AI). AI is fast, reliable and easy to integrate into the various production processes and, coupled with smart data analytics and cutting-edge measurement technologies, it opens up new opportunities for more efficient vehicle production.

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