Nissan boosts ratio of female managers in Japan to 10%

Apr 13, 2017   People

Ratio grows sixfold since 2004 as company promotes diversity.

Nissan has achieved a target of boosting the ratio of female managers in Japan to at least 10% by 2017, as the company works to make diversity a source of strength and create products and services that meet a range of customer needs.

Women made up 10.1% of managers in April this year, up from 1.6% in 2004, when Nissan opened its Diversity Development Office.

Nissan is taking steps to create a highly diverse workforce in Japan, including the development of more women to take on leadership positions. This work will continue as the company strives to promote all types of diversity, which is central to its DNA and corporate culture. Nissan is committed to making its diverse workforce a true strength and a competitive advantage, leading to greater innovation and ingenious breakthroughs for our customers.

The ratio of female managers rose from 9.1% last year and compares with a 1.3% average for the transportation machinery manufacturing industry. Nissan now has 279 female managers in Japan, of whom 76 are at the level of general manager or higher. One in eight female employees holds a management-level job.

Recruitment of women for management positions is carried out across all Nissan departments. Efforts include career interviews, training, cross-industrial programs and mentoring. Some of the efforts are led by the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which is promoting the active participation of women in both companies.

Thanks to these initiatives, women in general manager-level positions are playing active roles in engineering and production, where the percentage of female workers is relatively low. Nissan is also seeking to promote a greater understanding of diverse customer values at its manufacturing divisions.

In addition, the company is working to secure future female engineers by giving lectures to female high-school students pursuing science and engineering.

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