Bosch opens new electronic plant in Changzhou, China

Apr 13, 2017   Tier Suppliers

Until 2019: Bosch will invest over €100 million.

The Bosch Group continues its strong investment in China: the technology and service company opened a new plant for electronic components in the southeastern Chinese city of Changzhou. "With another production site for Bosch Automotive Electronics in China we are strengthening our successful localisation strategy and underlining Bosch's confidence in the Chinese market", said Klaus Meder, president of Bosch Automotive Electronics. By 2019, Bosch will have invested over 100 million euros (800 million CNY) in the new site where it plans to employ 1,300 new associates. "With the new electronic plant we are also reacting to the growing local demand for connected products and solutions", Meder continued. According to a current study, connected driver assistance systems could for example prevent an annual total number of about 20,000 accidents that result in injuries in China.

Production for the connected and automated future

The new facility will mainly focus on the manufacturing of electronic components for automated driving and connected products. These include cameras and radar sensors for driver assistance systems, Electronic Control Units (ECU) for automotive steering systems as well as Central Gateways for connected vehicels. Located in the Wujin Economic Development Zone in Changzhou with a size of 34,000 square meters, the plant is producing mainly for the Chinese market. By 2019, around 41 million electronic control units are scheduled to roll off the assembly line each year. Since 2006 the business unit Automotive Electronics is already running a production plant in Suzhou. In total, the Bosch group has over 60 sites in the people's republic.

Bosch lead plant for Industry 4.0 in China

In the new plant, Bosch is planning to combine its well-established Bosch Production System (BPS) for standardised lean processes with connected manufacturing. "We are investing in Industry 4.0 to meet the ever diversified market demands in a more agile and faster way", said Meder. A total number of 14 Bosch plants in China is already equipped with connected technologies. The company is leading user and leading provider of Industry 4.0. In China, Bosch is also cooperating with the Development Research Center (DRC) of the Chinese State Council and is contributing to promote connected manufacturing in the country.

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