Lynk & Co and Ericsson demonstrate sharing capability in “world’s most connected” car

Apr 21, 2017   Technology

Lynk & Co and Ericsson are to offer free internet connectivity in its vehicles as standard.

On April 17, David Green, Chief Digital Officer of Lynk & Co, demonstrated the functionality of the new Share my Car app, powered by Ericsson's Connected Vehicle Cloud.

Research suggests that most cars sit unused more than 90% of the time. To address this opportunity, Chinese car maker, Lynk & Co, has proven a new feature in a live demonstration during the Shanghai Auto Show. With support from Ericsson, Lynk & Co has pioneered a sharing capability which allows car owners to control, monitor and share their car via a smartphone app or directly through the car.

Connectivity is at the heart of the Lynk & Co brand whose cars offer a broad range of connected technologies aimed at making life easier. When the Lynk & Co brand was launched in October 2016 it was hailed at the time as the "world's most connected car."

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