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Apr 26, 2017   Tier Suppliers

Fully digitised, linked, and interactive, the EcoDocu smart documentation system greatly simplifies commissioning, operation, and maintenance in a paint shop.

All information is stored end-to-end, easy to locate thanks to a user-friendly navigation system, and also available on the move via a tablet. EcoDocu lays the foundation for Industry 4.0 applications such as predictive maintenance.

Digital documentation makes processes involved in system operation more efficient, from straightforward commissioning to fast parts ordering. Up to now, the technical documentation for a paint shop took up around 150 ring binders. EcoDocu stores this substantial amount of information digitally on a data carrier so that it is immediately available on a PC, at any time and in any desired language.

EcoDocu structures the data into manageable units for the user. The main sections such as the parts catalog, the circuit diagrams, and the actual documentation are visible at first glance. They are also interlinked for ease of handling. Examples of this are the coloured hotspots in the system diagram. When a user selects one of these hotspots, the corresponding component, for example a turntable or solenoid valve, is displayed automatically in the navigation and parts list area with the correct designation and material number. The mouseover function also opens a separate window containing device-specific details. The user can access documents like the technical data sheet or the full operating or assembly instructions with just one more click. The selected product can also be added directly to the basket from the parts catalog, speeding up the purchase of spare parts.

EcoDocu runs as a mobile application on the Dürr tablet EcoPad or other mobile devices, which means that the system documentation is available everywhere in production. Especially convenient: when the QR codes on machines and systems are scanned, the app navigates directly to the corresponding functional part in the parts catalog. This means no more tedious searches, for example for the right serial number.

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