Surgere introduces Hawkeye finished vehicle visibility and control system

Sep 19, 2017   Supply Chain

Surgere has launched its Hawkeye Finished vehicle visibility and control system designed to provide accurate yard management, location and disposition data.

The new Hawkeye system assists manufacturers, logistics providers and ports' operations to accurately manage finished vehicle movement and delivery using layered technologies. Hawkeye employs patented proprietary software, global location, and sensory-based technology to achieve granular location and accurate auditing of vehicles, while monitoring the environment, during the journey from manufacturing through the delivery process.

The system works by correlating the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) with an encoded RFID (radio frequency identification) tag and a latitude and longitude coordinate. Additional layering allows for GPS location and environment metrics, such as measurable light variances, temperature, humidity, shock and xyz anomalies. Once precise locations are determined, advanced analytics, heat mapping, velocity and variable data are managed by Hawkeye.

Vehicle movement, from final assembly throughout and around manufacturing facilities, is captured and automatically updated in the Hawkeye database, storing yard performance characteristics. Hawkeye's advanced analytics and integration attributes make it the most versatile platform available, even enabling customisable alerts and electronic proof of delivery. Leveraging acquisition technologies, sensors – even on-board telematics to monitor vehicles, Hawkeye's robust analytics provides deeper and broader insight into Finished Vehicle Logistics' performance.

Detailed mapping and search functionality allow for location tracking of vehicles leaving assembly, parked and awaiting shipment, or even in transit to a destination by road, rail or by sea.

Surgere is currently deploying its new Hawkeye system at a major Mid-south automotive manufacturing facility. Such large manufacturing operations often encounter logistical challenges in maintaining accurate tracking and control over vehicle assets.

"Managing vehicle assets can be an enormous challenge for large automotive manufacturing facilities that produce a large number of cars and trucks on a daily basis," said Michael Silvio, Surgere's VP of Logistics Innovation (pictured). "The Hawkeye system was designed to help companies keep track of finished vehicles, in real time, and improve logistics management while reducing errors and cost."

William Wappler, president and CEO of Surgere, said outdated methods for vehicle location and control are not reliable or timely. "Vehicle inventory control can be somewhat chaotic, but using the technology and cloud-based data analytics of Hawkeye manufacturers can reliably locate and manage finished vehicles 24 hours a day," Wappler said.

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