Solaris opens new spare parts logistics centre

Sep 21, 2017   Supply Chain

Starting from September Solaris all spare parts ordered at Solaris are delivered from the newly opened Solaris Logistics Centre, based in Jasin, Poland.

The new distribution centre will improve the process of product supply and raise the quality of after-sales customer service.

Solaris Logistics Centre is both the new warehouse and sales office, which process orders placed by the customers. The new spare parts distribution base replaced the one located in Murowana Goślina. Starting from September the new warehouse ships all goods directly to customers, as well as supplies local warehouses and services.

The new distribution centre is based nearby Poznań, in Jasin, which is located by main expressway leading off directly to the A2 motorway. Consequently, travel time to main roads and European motorways network has been reduced six times. In the area of 6,000 m² Solaris Logistics Centre stocks over 26,000 different parts and accessories.

Up to 300 dispatches are shipped daily. 3,000 pallet racks and 100 glass racks provide highest storage quality, and dedicated conveyor belts speed up order picking. The flow of goods will be faster also due to more loading and unloading docks. All parts are stored in one hall, which saves time for transporting them from one building to another. All these have, in consequence, noticeably improved the warehouse efficiency.

The orders and deliveries are processed by specialist warehouse management system, which also helps provide maximum availability of parts. All the state-of-the-art solutions in Solaris Logistics Centre, reduce the time of deliveries and, effectively, minimise vehicles' downtime. Customers will notice major improvement to service quality.

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