Automotive Leaders Summit: Linking the present and the future

Sep 1, 2018   Features

The Automotive Leaders Global Summit started with plant tours to Jaguar Land Rover and BAC Mono’s plants in the region, on 20 June. The evening saw a networking drinks reception and barbecue at the historic Titanic Hotel in Liverpool. The summit proper opened on the morning of 21 June as part of the International Business Festival at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre.

Christoph Stürmer, Global Lead Analyst at Price Waterhouse Autofacts opened the event with a presentation on Global Automotive Trends and Forecasts. He began with a reflection on a news release from Daimler, downgrading their sales forecast, in SUVs, saloons and sports cars. Stürmer touched on the reasons for this and the general downturn in vehicle sales globally, that of the rising costs of meeting ever more stringent emissions legislation. Meeting these new rules has also slowed R&D and production and put pressure on the finished vehicle chain. He went on to talk about the high percentage of light truck sales in the US, changes in the market in China and the influence of the booming EV market there.

Stürmer went on to consider real world car usage and contrasted taxis and other high-mileage vehicles with the very low mileage covered by many users. He pointed out that, for many low mileage users, a new kind of personal mobility model made more sense. He said that he sees low budget autonomous vehicles serving the transport needs of many users. Mike Sturgeon of industry group the ECG asked Stürmer why it appears that most carmakers were not better prepared for the new emissions regulations. Stürmer answered that Volvo has prepared well for these rulings but much of the rest of the industry is playing ‘catch-up.’

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