The impact of new technology on vehicle logistics

Sep 7, 2018   Features

Trisha Chowdhury speaks to Hervé Moulin of the Renault Nissan Alliance about the impact of new technology on automotive logistics and supply chain.

Hervé Moulin is Alliance Project Leader – Telematics in Finished Vehicle Logistics and Transport Means Specialist in Alliance Logistics Europe - Vehicle Operations and is the perfect person to talk to about the effects of technology on the supply chain. Not only is he an expert in outbound logistics, with his main responsibilities being logistics quality and physical organisation of vehicle distribution, he is also the Alliance project leader for the use of connected vehicles in the logistics flow both for Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi. 

Best practise and Project Caesar

We start our conversation with Moulin’s ideas of industry best practices from his experience of being at the forefront of the automotive logistics and supply chain segment for many years. And he does not disappoint, going on to give a bird’s eye view of the segment by saying: “There are many things that would summarise best practices, or would just simplify our operation in outbound logistics. One of the most important of these would be to elaborate transport forecasts. This is the objective of Project Caesar, an initiative by the ECG in which we participate. This project is based on the best practices of car makers and transport companies and we’re expecting a lot from it.  

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