GEFCO and BERGE create Spain’s leading finished-vehicle logistics provider

Jan 3, 2019   Supply Chain

Just days after the European Commissions approved the joint-venture of the two automotive logistic giants, the new company, BERGE GEFCO, will offer more than 3 million square metres of space for storing up to 120,000 vehicles, along with a fleet of 700 trucks, 100 railcar wagons and 40,000 square metres of workshop space.

BERGE GEFCO S.L., the new company owned 50-50 by the two partners, has now received full regulatory approval to unite forces in the Spanish market to enhance their client offering and develop new services. After ratifying the agreement between both groups, the company has been operational from 2nd January 2019 and is poised to become a dynamic market leader in the Spanish finished-vehicle logistics market.


In combining skills, experience and resources, BERGE GEFCO will significantly increase transport and warehousing capacities for customers. This will reinforce client value propositions for the Spanish market, already one of the world’s largest, with more than 3 million vehicles produced annually. Customers will benefit from 3.4 million square metres of storage space in warehouses and ports for housing 120,000 vehicles, with a fleet of more than 700 trucks and 100 railcar wagons to meet all their transport needs.


“This joint-venture will reinforce our leadership in the automotive logistics market,” commented Luc Nadal, CEO of GEFCO. “The new company will be well positioned to anticipate market needs in a highly dynamic context, and develop innovative solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, partners and employees.”


Jaime Gorbeña, President of BERGÉ y COMPAÑÍA stated, “We are very satisfied to have received a green light to start our operations and sign this alliance with GEFCO. We are convinced that it will not only reinforce our leadership in the Spanish finished-vehicle logistics market but also stimulate growth in the sector with innovative services based on the shared expertise of both companies.”


BERGE GEFCO will offer a vast portfolio of logistics solutions to current customers of the two partner companies, enabling them to better manage seasonal peaks in activity and benefit from dedicated resources. To meet increasing demand for speed and quality, the new company will place a strong focus on innovation to develop solutions closely matched to operational needs.


It will cover all logistics needs for both new and second-hand vehicles. Within the second-hand vehicles segment, it will be the only provider capable of managing all logistics and commercial services with its own resources. Its solutions for vehicle manufacturers, leasing companies and resellers will include transport, warehousing, technical services, inspections, refurbishments, delivery, trading, sales management (online/auctions/exports), administration and fleet management.

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