Nissan reveals Leaf 3.Zero and Leaf 3.Zero e+ limited edition with longer range

Jan 9, 2019   Vehicle Launch

Nissan has confirmed the evolution of the highly successful Leaf electric vehicle (EV) by launching two versions of the Leaf 3.Zero. This new offer will broaden the appeal of EVs to more customers, and will be ready to order from January 9, 2019.

Following a record-breaking year for Nissan electric vehicles, Leaf 3.Zero brings to Europe’s best-selling electric vehicle a new 8-inch infotainment screen enabling additional connectivity services such as door-to-door navigation. An all-new and improved NissanConnect EV app will also be available when the Leaf 3.Zero goes on sale in Europe.


The Leaf 3.Zero, priced from £31,095 ($24,565) including the £3,500 ($2,765) UK Government Plug-in Car Grant, features the 40 kWh battery. New body colours and two-tone colour combinations will complete the choices.


The Nissan Leaf 3.Zero e+ Limited Edition, priced from £36,795 ($29,068) including Government Grant, is also available to order from January 9. This limited edition, of which only 5,000 units will be produced for Europe, features a higher output capable of delivering 160 kW (217 PS) of power; 340Nm of torque; and a longer driving range expected to be up to 239 miles from a single charge of the 62 kWh capacity battery.


Both 3.Zero launch versions are flagship models for the 2019 Nissan LEAF, sitting at the top of their respective ranges.


At the centre of the Leaf 3.Zero e+ Limited Edition is an Intelligent Power-enhanced high-capacity battery and more powerful motor.


On the road, the Leaf 3.Zero e+ Limited Edition will deliver a 40% range increase over the Leaf 3.Zero which is equipped with a 40 kWh battery. This represents more than 62 miles additional range for a comparable usage, a clear evolution of the Leaf.


The new higher-power battery contains 288 cells compared to the 192 found in the 40 kWh equivalent. Even with a 25% increase in energy density and 55% increase in energy storage capacity, the Nissan Leaf e+ battery pack is almost the same size and configuration as the pack in the Nissan Leaf 40kWh. Other than a 5-millimetre increase in the car’s overall height (based on 16-inch wheels), the car’s exterior and interior dimensions are unchanged.


With the more powerful motor, acceleration from 50mph to 75mph is nearly 13% quicker. This allows the Leaf e+ to confidently pass slower-moving vehicles, exit corners faster and merge seamlessly with fast-moving traffic. The top speed (97mph) has also increased from the 40kWh version by approximately 10%.


The Leaf 3.Zero models will feature both e-Pedal and ProPilot. These critically acclaimed Intelligent Driving technologies are transforming the driving experience.


The e-Pedal is a new driving sensation for many, allowing the driver to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop using only the accelerator pedal. This delivers a seamless, smooth drive and maximum control to the driver through enhanced pedal feedback.


ProPilot is an advanced driving assistance technology which works on single-lane highways. A ‘hands-on, eyes-on’ system, it allows the car to stop, restart and stay centred in its lane in higher-speed cruising and lower-speed congested traffic scenarios. The technology reduces driving stress and fatigue, enhancing driver confidence behind the wheel.


First deliveries of the Leaf 3.Zero are expected to start from May 2019, while initial customer deliveries of the Leaf 3.Zero e+ Limited Edition will commence from summer 2019.

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