PowerCell to supply Bosch with fuel cell stacks

Jan 9, 2019   Tier Suppliers

PowerCell Sweden AB has signed a term sheet with the German automotive supplier company Robert Bosch GmbH with intent to form a joint development cooperation for the automotive segment regarding PowerCell’s automotive fuel cell stack PowerCell S3 and PowerCell’s fuel cell systems.

The parties have also agreed that PowerCell will start supplying Bosch with fuel cell stacks for use in Bosch’s prototype fuel cell systems for the automotive industry.


Following the signing of the term sheet the two parties will engage in detailed negotiations about the exact terms for the development cooperation. The two parties are looking to finalise these negotiations in the first half of 2019.


The coming negotiations will include scope of cooperation, intellectual property rights, field of use, production and licensing agreements as well as remuneration and licensing fees.


PowerCell’s fuel cell stack PowerCell S3 has been specifically developed to meet the needs of the automotive segment and has market leading power density and durability.

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