Kansas City Southern President and CEO Ottensmeyer to serve as US Chairman of US-Mexico Economic Council

Jan 28, 2019   Supply Chain

The US Chamber of Commerce has announced that Patrick Ottensmeyer, president and CEO of Kansas City Southern (KCS) (pictured), has been elected as US Chairman of its US-Mexico Economic Council.

“Pat is a highly respected leader in US-Mexico relations,” said Myron Brilliant, executive vice president and head of International Affairs for the US Chamber of Commerce. “Not only does he lead a company that connects the integrated North American economy, but he has also demonstrated a continuous commitment over many years to promoting and strengthening the bilateral relationship through engagement with government officials, private-sector peers, and the public. The Council will benefit greatly from his leadership and vision during this important period.”

As US Chairman of the US-Mexico Economic Council, Ottensmeyer will preside over the US-Mexico CEO Dialogue, which occurs twice annually, and he will oversee the Council’s extensive agenda of engagement with public- and private-sector leaders in the US and Mexico in an effort to strengthen bilateral commercial ties.

“I am honoured to accept this opportunity to continue the important work of the US-Mexico Economic Council, to ensure both a strong economic and trade relationship between the two countries and that North America remains the world’s most competitive, integrated trading block,” said Ottensmeyer. “The Council and it’s US- Mexico CEO Dialogue are comprised of committed business leaders, who have been working together for more than five years and who provide a unique connection between private-sector leaders and government policymakers.”

The US-Mexico Economic Council serves as the premier business advocacy organisation dedicated to strengthening the economic and commercial relationship between both countries.

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