Mitsubishi imports vehicles through the Port of Mazatlán in Mexico

Feb 1, 2019   Supply Chain

Mitsubishi recently imported 4,870 vehicles through the Port of Mazatlán situated in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. These vehicles arrived from Nagoya, Japan.

The Secretary of State Economy, Javier Lizárraga Mercado thanked Jorge Vallejo, President of Mitsubishi Motors Mexico for considering Mazatlán for the import and export of their products. The Secretary also announced proposed plans for dredging and expansion of the Port of Mazatlán.
Terminal Maritima Mazatlán (TMAZ) handled the loading and unloading of the automobiles, the logistics of their arrival and the mobilisation.
From January to November 2018, the Port of Mazatlán ranked second in the Pacific coast in terms of vehicles transported by sea. The number of units handled by the port witnessed an increase of 8% as compared to 2017.
Jorge Vallejo said that the commercial operations from the Port of Mazatlán will commence in February 2019. He also thanked everyone involved for their support and collaboration.
Also present at the event were Takahiro Rokuroda, Managing Director of NYK Mexico, Jorge Martínez Juárez, General Director of TMAZ, Álvaro López, Local Customs Administrator, Silvina Ernest Hernández, Integral Port Administration of Mazatlán, and Daniel Saenzpardo, of Nissan Logística.

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