Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles rolls the ten millionth vehicle off the production lines in Hannover

Mar 11, 2019   OEM

The ten millionth vehicle came off the production line at the Hannover-Stöcken plant. A red and white T6 Caravelle, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will be donating the nine-seater to the "Hannover AUF DER BULT Children's Hospital" Foundation.

Alongside plant director Thomas Hahlbohm and works council chair Bertina Murkovic, Dr Thomas Sedran, Chairman of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Brand Board of Management, handed over the T6 to the hospital's chief physician, Professor Olga Kordonouri, hospital board executive assistant Amelie von Schintling-Horny and hospital clown "Socke".


Sedran said: "The ten millionth vehicle from our plant in Hannover is a symbol of a unique success story. And it's a success that we aim to continue going forward. To this end, we are completely realigning the plant – with new products and business models." He added that the brand was ensuring a sustainable future for the Hannover site and its employees.


Thomas Hahlbohm, Director of the Hannover plant: "Our employees in Hannover have been building this fantastic vehicle for 63 years as a multi-generational project. Our workforce does this job with pride, passion and loving attention to detail. I thank the men and women of our team for that with all my heart."


Bertina Murkovic, Chair of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles works council, said: "Ten million vehicles from Hannover – that's an impressive figure. Behind that lie generations of employees who have built these cars and in doing so made a living for themselves and their families. My special thanks to them all!"


Production of the T1 began at the newly built plant in Hannover-Stöcken on 8 March 1956. In addition to the generations of T-series vehicles, the LT, the Taro pick-up and, for a time, the Beetle were also produced there.


Today, the T6 – and soon the T6.1 update – and the Amarok are made in Hannover. Around 14,500 people are employed by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Hannover, the brand's main site.

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