Rhenus Contract Logistics introduces AutoStore systems powered by Swisslog

Apr 3, 2019   Supply Chain

Rhenus Contract Logistics has started using its AutoStore system provided by Swisslog. The automated storage and order picking system is installed in a brand new distribution centre in Tilburg, Netherlands. This sustainable warehouse measures over 60,000 square meters, and Rhenus uses it to serve customers that provide high-quality products to various industries.

The construction of the sustainable logistics centre and the introduction of the AutoStore system are part of Rhenus Contract Logistics’ growth strategy. The logistics service provider chose this method of order storage and picking based in part on the type of customers it serves. The AutoStore system assists in further improving the accuracy of its ordering picking and in fulfilling the customers' growth needs through optimisation of continuity and quality.


The AutoStore system has a surface area of 1,000 square metres and is equipped with 21,000 containers, 19 robots, two infeed and three order picking ports. This way, Rhenus Contract Logistics can serve more customers thanks to the AutoStore system.


The automated order picking and storage installation is integrated with both the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transport Management System (TMS) package of the service provider with weighing and measuring scanners also integrated. 


The selection of AutoStore was based primarily on efficiency. AutoStore uses robots that run on an aluminum grid. The robots stack bins in the storage system grid, and then transport items for delivery to the order picking stations. Aisles are superfluous, making for an unusually compact automated storage and picking system.


Rhenus Contract Logistics management has already taken future expansion of the AutoStore system into consideration at the brand new Tilburg distribution centre. Willem Boersbroek, Site Manager Tilburg of Rhenus Contract Logistics, said: "We are very pleased with our collaboration with Swisslog. The introduction of the AutoStore system enables us to work even more efficiently, and this choice is also good for both our growth strategy and that of our customers."


Hans van Driel, Project Manager for Swisslog, said: "We are delighted to be working in partnership with Rhenus and that the solution provided has matched their highly sustainable logistics warehouse environment."

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