Millbrook expands electric powertrain testing in California

Apr 15, 2019   Technology

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering (Millbrook RE) announced its intention to rapidly introduce test facilities to respond to its customers’ needs, in line with Millbrook’s global operation. It is establishing a brand new, independent and impartial test facility in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, to support the development of electric vehicles.

Millbrook RE had doubled its capacity in Detroit within the last 12 months. This month, on the first anniversary of its ownership by Millbrook, it had announced the expansion into California to support some of its customers locally to their operations. This approach will enable more effective powertrain development support, create extra capacity and enable rapid introduction of new powertrain test capabilities.


In addition to electrified drivetrain testing Millbrook RE is well known for the new test facility that offers Vehicle-in-the-Loop (VIL) test capabilities and battery simulators to 1,000V DC / 1,200A DC peak. This will enable customers to perform complex integration testing and to validate electrified powertrain components, laid-out powertrains and electric vehicles. The facility will be designed for maximum flexibility and will be equipped with high-speed motors up to 20,000rpm allowing tests of electric motors and inverters or standalone drivetrain components.


The new facility will serve as a showcase for Millbrook RE’s turnkey dynamometer-based test systems. It will also be a base for its service engineers supporting systems installed in customers’ facilities locally. Millbrook RE’s support team provides a rapid response to service requests which include maintenance and calibration.


Allen White, President of Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering, said: “We are very excited about announcing our third test facility in the US. It will enable us to grow the team and to design and install powerful new equipment to support the propulsion development programmes of the next generation of electric vehicles.”


Alex Burns, President of Millbrook, said “We continue to demonstrate our commitment to our business and our customers in the US. The move into California is an important next step for our electrification test offering. I am proud of the team working on this project and have no doubt that the customers will benefit from having our independent and impartial facilities locally.”


Millbrook offers a wide range of vehicle test and validation services in the US, UK and Finland. These include electric propulsion system testing at all locations, battery and self-driving vehicle testing at its 5G-enabled proving ground in the UK, and winter tyre testing at its proving grounds and innovative indoor facilities in Finland.

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