Henkel to launch silicone-free gap filler for EVs

Apr 15, 2019   Technology

During the Battery Show 2019 in Stuttgart, Henkel will launch new technologies that enable cost-efficient large-scale assembly and lifetime protection of battery architectures.

As all major automotive OEMs and new players are rapidly launching new electric vehicle (EV) models, Henkel is leveraging its broad technology base and many years of expertise and experience to drive the transformation from traditional engines to electrified powertrains.


Henkel has identified three major challenges for battery manufacturers: cost-efficient processes and technologies allowing high-speed assembly of cells; ensuring reliable thermal management for operational safety and meeting the UL94 flammability standard; and allowing serviceability of battery packs. With a comprehensive range of technologies and deep know-how tailored to solving these new challenges, Henkel has set its mind on becoming the industry’s leading full-solutions partner, supporting its customers from design to integration.


Frank Kerstan, Director e-Mobility & Powertrain at Henkel: “We are determined to support our customers with application and process expertise, which we will highlight during the Battery Show in Stuttgart”.



Henkel offers multiple adhesives that are especially suitable for large scale assemblies of hundreds and thousands of battery cells by UV curing in less than 15 seconds. Whether the battery design is done with cylindrical, pouch or prismatic cells, Henkel technologies enable these various battery architectures.


To ensure safe and efficient thermal management of the battery cells and modules, Henkel has a broad portfolio of TIM products, including silicone-free Bergquist Gap Fillers. During the show, Henkel will launch a line of silicone-free, automation-friendly liquid gap fillers, with the debut product offering a thermal conductivity of 3.0 W/m-K. Furthermore, Henkel offers Gap Pad and Sil Pad materials for batteries, as well as thermal adhesive solutions which provide structural shear strength of >10 MPa, allowing different coefficients of thermal expansion to be overcome through high elongation.


For the protection of the battery packing housing against leakages, Henkel provides different liquid gasketing technologies that are applied by automated robot. For serviceability or repair, these technologies also allow the top cover of the pack to be reopened. An additional benefit stems from their flame-retardant properties and compliance with UL94.


Strong, high-integrity electrical interconnects within various control boards for battery management systems are essential for lifetime functional reliability. Henkel’s award-winning line of temperature stable, Loctite GC solder paste materials will be on show, alongside the company’s high-reliability 90iSC alloy, designed in cooperation with automotive industry leaders.


Newly-developed Loctite Eccobond UF 1173 device-protecting underfill has been designed specifically for high operating temperature, high reliability applications within automotive systems. The material has been formulated with health and safety top-of-mind; it contains no reportable REACH SVHCs (substances of very high concern) and is not CMR classified.


Backed by strong application know-how, R&D test centres around the world and strong strategic alliances (e.g. with RLE International), Henkel is in the unique position to be a partner for its customers’ engineering teams. As such, the company is driving the future of e-Mobility by enabling the industry to solve its significant electrification challenges.

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