Aisin AW to boost manufacturing capacity of Automatic Transmissions in the US

Apr 28, 2019   Tier Suppliers

Aisin AW Co., Ltd., has announced its decision to make a new investment to enhance the potential of its automatic transmission (AT) business in the US, and reinforce its manufacturing site.

Aisin AW established AW North Carolina, Inc. in 1998 as its first manufacturing site in the US. Since then, a total of approximately 6.7 million rear-wheel drive (RWD) and front-wheel drive (FWD) transmissions have been produced there.


In the future, Aisin AW will help develop the automobile industry in the US by strengthening its capability of manufacturing ATs for SUVs, for which greater demand is anticipated in the US, and also hybrid transmissions as electrified products, thereby further enhancing competitiveness.


To be built on an investment of nearly $400 million, the new facilty will create around 900 jobs. Production is slated to begin in September 2021. Once operational, the facility will be capable of producing nearlu 200,000 units of automatic transmissions and hybrid transmissions annually. 

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