Wallenius Wilhelmsen receives two top awards from Toyota Logistics

May 6, 2019   Supply Chain

An environmentally-friendly WW Solutions business improvement project has been recognised by its auto customer Toyota. WW Solutions won the award for a project designed to handle the excess cardboard created during the launch of a wheel cover programme.

Toyota Logistics Services (TLS) presented WW Solutions with the Export Processor Kaizen Award for the cardboard-handling project at the vehicle processing centre (VPC) in Savannah, Georgia. Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency.


The Kaizen project allowed WW Solutions to successfully differentiate, explained Wayne Washington, VP, Business Development, Americas. “Our Kaizen project was based on a more environmentally sound way of handling all of the excess cardboard created during the wheel cover programme. It strengthens our partnership with Toyota and demonstrates the value and creativity we bring to the partnership.”


Meanwhile, WW Ocean scooped the Export Marine Customer Service Award for the fourth time in the last five years in recognition of ‘best-in-class’ performance throughout 2018. Consistently reliable support from the documentation team in El Salvador was a key factor in their success, said TLS.


Marlon Brown, Marine & Export Manager, TLS, said: “These awards recognise innovation and commitment to business improvement techniques at WW Solution’s VPC in Savannah – and the all-round excellence of WW Ocean as a logistics partner. We’re looking forward to continuing to develop our partnership with both businesses.”