GORE Low Pressure Evacuation Vent for. battery packs launched

May 7, 2019   Technology

W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore) introduced a technology to allow flexibility in designing the battery packs of the future, for vehicles including battery-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (BEVs/PHEVs).

The GORE Low Pressure Evacuation Vent for Battery Packs enables design freedom by addressing problems inherent in Lithium-ion battery components and packs. The company is presenting the new technology at The Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart, Germany.


Automotive battery components are often housed in battery packs requiring significant space, volume, and weight. In 2016, pack materials accounted for nearly 24% of the overall costs of a lithium-ion battery as shared at last year's Battery Show Europe. The new GORE Automotive Vent will enable the next generation of battery packs to be reduced in volume, weight, and cost. 


The GORE Low Pressure Evacuation Vent for Battery Packs integrates three of the most important protection functions into one product. First, this new vent has a flexible membrane that supports a very low opening pressure and has an over-pressure bypass function that remains reversible. This ensures prompt relief of pressure differentials in normal and severe operating conditions, which can deform lightweight housings and cause even rugged seals to fail, providing a second benefit of managing over-pressures that are associated with thermal runaway of a single cell or module. Finally, the new GORE Low Pressure Evacuation Vent for Battery Packs upholds Gore's reputation as a leader in reliability and durability by facilitating pressure equalisation and delivering critical protection against the intrusion of water, dirt, and dust. 


Other protective solutions are partially designed to burst once they have reached the specified over-pressure. The result of this one-time pressure relief event is an open hole in the battery pack, which could allow moisture or other debris to enter, and potentially lead to electrical issues that could result in battery failure and thermal propagation. By combining innovative technology with a waterproof design, this new GORE Low Pressure Evacuation Vent technology enables the design of lighter, leaner battery packs without sacrificing protection against harsh environmental conditions.


"We continue to hear that designing the optimal pack with the right weight and cost profile is an ongoing challenge for battery pack designers," said Dr. Peter Hils, Product Manager at W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH. "The GORE Low Pressure Evacuation Vent is an exciting development for battery pack designers, who will now be able to design more reliable battery packs with thinner, lighter, and potentially lower cost materials – positively impacting the future of mobility for a world that will be hopefully cleaner, safer, and smarter."

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