DSV opens new logistics centre in Istanbul, Turkey

May 8, 2019   Supply Chain

In April, DSV in Turkey moved into a new logistics facility in Istanbul, which consolidates all warehouse operations in the area; a total of 45,000 square metres for open and closed warehousing including 2,000 square metres offices.

Located in Tuzla in the Istanbul area of Turkey, the new facility is an optimal location for both transport and logistics. Tuzla is in the logistics centre of Turkey, and the facility is surrounded by several industrial zones such as chemical, FMCG and automotive. For transport, the Tuzla facility is located close to both ports, airports, a good road network and options for transport via rail. 


The warehouse in Tuzla is state-of-the-art, with top-level security and ISO management certifications for environmental and quality management and for information security, as well as a total of 6,000 square metres bonded warehousing area.That makes the warehouse suitable for many different industries, e.g. Automotive, FMCG, Aero Space and Fashion. 


“With the new facility, we offer our customers one-stop-shopping. We can handle our customers’ goods for any transport mode, warehousing, and distribution - all from the same place”, explained Metin Öz, Logistics Manager for DSV in Turkey. “Our end-to-end supply chain solutions are both efficient and of very high quality, and we look forward to welcoming more customers into our new logistics facility in Tuzla here in Turkey.”