Groupe Cat's internal training school holds its first graduation ceremony

May 10, 2019   Supply Chain

The first official graduation ceremony of CAT Academy, the Groupe CAT training school, was held honouring the very first 7 CAT Academy graduates, in the presence of Mr Alejandro Forbes, CEO, Groupe CAT.

CAT Academy training school has the ambition to internally prepare the future employees of Groupe CAT in all the key skills specifically needed. 40 drivers of car transporter truck will thus be trained every year in France.


A rigorous process of selection enables granting this training to the most motivated and skilful candidates ready to contribute to Groupe CAT's growth. The course, built in partnership with Aftral (the first professional training institute for transport and logistics in France), lasts for 24 weeks and is developed for non-truck drivers or drivers not skilled in vehicle transportation.


Each candidate, individually monitored and assessed at every stage of the course, enjoys regular support of the Groupe CAT mentors. This training alternates theory and practice to cover all aspects of the driver’s profession and his interaction with all teams of Groupe CAT. 


At the end of the course, the student is given the truck driving licence with the specialisation in vehicle transportation. The graduate is eventually granted a permanent hiring contract within one of the Groupe CAT subsidiaries.


The 2nd class is currently on training and the 3rd selecting session already scheduled for September 2019. The international rolling out has been started. Candidates from Germany and Spain will be trained in the coming months and will join Groupe CATS's teams. Furthermore, training courses are currently being programmed for other key jobs of the group.


Alejandro Forbes, CEO of Groupe CAT, said, “The setup of CAT Academy is in line with our strong will to become the undisputed leader of our industry. This stated ambition goes through concrete actions of our strategic plan such as “Develop the most motivated and skilled team in our industry.” We made the choice to train our future employees in-house using our own methods. Following this dynamics and being determined to stand out, we will contribute to the evolution of our business and new market standards.”