Dachser launches automotive competence centre in the US

May 10, 2019   Supply Chain

Continuing its commitment to developing automotive sector logistics solutions, Dachser USA recently introduced the automotive competence centre in Atlanta, which provides dedicated customer service teams that are trained to address the complex logistics associated with the automotive market. In February 2019, Dachser introduced this initiative to the US market after a successful launch in Mexico.

“Dachser is committed to providing superior service and customised solutions to our automotive business, which requires highly trained professionals who understand the nuances of transporting automobiles and their respective parts,” said Vincent Touya, Managing Director Dachser USA. “In the US specifically, our customers are responding very well to the hands-on approach of our automotive competence team. We continue to evolve and grow this programme to ensure it consistently meets our customers’ needs and responds to the challenges of the marketplace.” 


Dachser is a reliable partner of the global automotive industry. In Sweden, for example, Dachser addresses the special needs associated with Volvo Cars’ spare parts business with a customised solution. Via a shuttle service launched specifically for Volvo, Dachser is now transporting Volvo Cars’ spare parts from Volvo’s Torslanda, Sweden location to Dachser’s Gothenburg, Germany location as well as to Volvo Cars’ various warehouses throughout Germany. For added convenience, the service collects goods from the customer six times a day. 


“We provide Volvo Cars with a solution that is tailored to their logistics needs,” said René Sidor, Managing Director of Dachser Nordic A/S. “By customising our approach, Volvo gets a unified logistics solution.”


Further demonstrating its commitment to the automotive sector, Dachser USA recently expanded into Detroit, which is essentially the automotive capital of the United States, with the “Big Three” automotive manufacturers headquartered in metro Detroit. Dachser USA opened its Detroit location in August 2018 to ensure the brand had a physical presence in this critical automotive market. 


“The move into Detroit reflects our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers, who require we move closer to their business. Being in Detroit not only provides a closer proximity to our customers, it also ensures that we understand the culture—the heart and soul—of the automotive community, which of course, helps us better anticipate our customers’ needs and provide customised, viable solutions,” said Touya.