Toyota to supply Fuel Cell components to Chinese commercial vehicle manufactures

May 14, 2019   OEM

To promote the popularity of Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles (FCVs) in China, Toyota Motor Corporation will supply hydrogen fuel cell (FC) components to commercial vehicle manufacturers in China.

Toyota has been actively promoting the development of electrified vehicles since it began selling the world’s first mass-produced hybrid electric vehicle, Prius, in 1997. With global sales of more than 13 million electric vehicles, the Japanese carmaker has been successful in reducing CO2 emission by approximately 130 million tons.


FCVs are being positioned as the “ultimate eco-car” that can contribute to a sustainable society. In 2014, Toyota debuted its  mass production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle “Mirai," which is now bring sold in 16 countries and regions.


Back in 2015, Toyota released nearly 5,680 patents on fuel cells it held to promote the use of this technology. Later, the automaker launched fuel cell powered buses in Tokyo Japan. Development of large commercial trucks powered by this technology are being carried out in the US.


In China, Toyota hopes to cooperate with various companies. Toyota will provide FC components to commercial vehicle manufacturers in China through FC system integrators to achieve greater FCV penetration in China.


As the first cooperation project, Toyota, Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. (Futian) and Beijing Yihuatong Technology Co., Ltd. (Yihuatong) have reached an agreement to produce and sell fuel cells used in Futian. The bus will be equipped with the Yihuatong FC system using components such as Toyota fuel cell stacks.


In future, Toyota is looking to expand its collaboration with other vehicle manufacturers to promote fuel cell technology.

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