ARS Altmann AG and ICL introduce RoRo to the Silk Road

Jun 5, 2019   Supply Chain

ARS Altmann AG and its partner Intermodal Container Logistics Vienna (ICL) are about to take the next step on the new silk road by implementing so-called RoRo trains (= Roll on, Roll off) to the route between Europe and China.

ARS Altmann AG already successfully organised and realised the first ever consistent automotive RoRo train from Bremerhaven to Chongqing via Altmann’s compound in Chernyakhovsk which can be approached both by European and Russian railway wagons. Now ARS Altmann AG joins forces with ICL to start establishing a hybrid solution which combines the usage of containers and double deck rail wagons to transport cars both from China to Europe and vice versa.

The route from the centre of Europe to the heart of China will go via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland and is meant to process two complete block trains per week, i.e. up to 40,000 units per year.

“We attach great importance to the economic and technical growth of China and its automotive industry in particular and have – over the last two years – established a concept to provide our globally acting customers a solid and holistic solution to distribute their products in the corridor from Europe to China and vice versa. This offers our customers both – a door-to-door-concept between China and Europe using covered wagons on the entire route as well as the possibility to complement the container concept with rail car wagons, a so-called hybrid solution”, explained Frank Lehner, Chief of Internationalization at ARS Altmann AG.

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