GEFCO celebrates 30 years of expertise in reusable packaging

Jul 8, 2019   Supply Chain

GEFCO has just reached its 30-year milestone in providing reusable packaging solutions for major automotive and aerospace manufacturers to transport and deliver components.

The Group processes approximately 130,000 containers every day in its 26 reusable packaging management centres across Europe for a green ecosystem of about 2,000 users.


GEFCO’s eco-friendly solutions mean less disposable packaging on the market and fewer trucks on the road, given that most GEFCO containers are foldable, enabling higher truck loading rates. In addition, all broken GEFCO packaging is 100% recycled.


In a fast-evolving environment, many manufacturers are convinced of the value of outsourcing packaging management as they refocus on their core businesses. After a leading automotive player paved the way in 1989, one premium car manufacturer has entrusted GEFCO with the management of its reusable folded container supply chain for all its plants and Tier-1 suppliers worldwide since 2014. More recently, a major aerospace company awarded GEFCO a long-term contract to support its transition to a more sustainable supply chain through reusable packaging.


Sébastien Roger, Reusable Packaging Solution Manager at GEFCO, commented: “Our reusable packaging range is designed to protect our customers’ product integrity while optimising truck loading rates, production lines and warehouse storage. As our customers face increasingly fierce market competition, we enable them to optimize their inbound supply chains and significantly boost their profitability.”


In addition to GEFCO’s unique expertise in packaging management, leading manufacturers can also benefit from a wide range of fully-trained asset auditors for insights on their supply chains and ways to optimise them. Located across the GEFCO network in Europe, these asset auditors also conduct personal training to help users supervise every step of packaging management, including ordering, shipment bookings, tracking and invoicing.


To further optimise supply chain operations, GEFCO has developed NETBOX, a dedicatedIT system, for flow tracking. Based on the data in this system, container location and movements can be adjusted at any time in line with needs, providing customers with smart, flexible solutions. This secure predictive software generates significant savings throughout the supply chain for a more sustainable transportation model.

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