BorgWarner increases turbocharger production to meet Brazilian market demand

Jul 16, 2019   Tier Suppliers

BorgWarner has introduced the first compact turbocharger for flex-fuel engines to the Brazilian market, the B01.

Currently equipping the entire Volkswagen TSI lineup, BorgWarner is increasing turbocharger production in Itatiba facility to match the automaker’s recent push to increase the supply of the all-new Volkswagen T-Cross SUV and other passenger cars. Volkswagen Up! was the precursor, followed by the Golf, Polo and Virtus.

"We are implementing our global expertise and extensive knowledge of local turbocharger engineering to develop a compact and high temperature resistant component for Volkswagen models," said Vitor Maiellaro, general manager of BorgWarner Brazil. "With the automotive industry’s recent challenges in developing increasingly efficient vehicles, we expect the use of turbochargers to increase in the coming years. By 2017, 43% of the world's combustion vehicles used turbochargers; that number is expected to rise to 59% by 2027. The trend will be turbocharging on all types of engines, from 1.0-litres to the largest, including flex engines”.

BorgWarner's turbocharger technology delivers improved energy efficiency engine performance while reducing emissions and fuel consumption. BorgWarner’s B01 turbocharger uses advanced materials and technologies to meet engine needs, withstanding exhaust temperatures of up to 1,050 degrees Celsius. Other features include an aluminium compressor wheel, optimised bearing system, an electrically actuated wastegate and advanced noise reduction. Another advantage is the compact design, which allows for a smaller engine but provides excellent performance and fuel efficiency.

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