Updated Toyota Prius launches in Europe

Jul 25, 2019   Vehicle Launch

The Toyota Prius is the world’s original hybrid car, and the Plug-in version offers customers with two cars in one...

...a sophisticated full hybrid powertrain achieving ultra-low emissions while at the same time offering a real, all-electric EV driving experience with an EV range up to 45 km in real-life with a max EV speed of 135 km/h.

The ultra-low emissions and specific EV driving capabilities of the Prius Plug-in comes from cutting-edge technologies unique in Toyota’s model line-up. The Prius Plug-in is equipped with a heat pump, which utilises heat from the air outside of the car, resulting in an increased level of efficiency compared to traditional heaters which generate heat from the engine or to power electric heaters.

In addition, during charging, the battery warming system will warm the cells to an efficient working temperature, this ensures that both battery power and efficiency are maintained at a sufficient level to minimise the impact of cold weather on EV driving range.

Finally, the large solar panel, which generates electricity to charge the hybrid system battery still remains unique in the segment. Depending on weather conditions, solar charging can increase the EV driving range by up to 5 km per day, equating to some 1,000 km of all-electric driving per annum (200 days/year). Since its launch in Sep ‘16, over 1,700 Prius Plug-in hybrid have been sold with the solar panel system, which now represents roughly 1,700,000 km per annum generated by the sun.

The New Prius Plug-in Hybrid has much-improved functionality, now includes seating for 5 passengers, changing from the rear two-seat configuration to a third middle seat, whilst delivering high levels of comfort.


The new Prius Plug-in hybrid is available for sale in Europe with prices starting at approximately $32,000.

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