New Vauxhall Corsa aerodynamics are best in class

Aug 9, 2019   Technology

Vauxhall has revealed that wind tunnel tests on its new fifth-generation Corsa will make it among the most aerodynamic in its class.

Designed to cut drag and save energy, the all-new Corsa is engineered for high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

The Corsa’s design includes an active aero shutter, smooth underbody and rear roof spoiler to make the model as clean through the air as possible. With a reduction in frontal area of 2.13m2 versus the previous model, the new Corsa achieves a drag coefficient of 0.29 – quite remarkable for a car of this size – allowing the car to expend less energy as it passes through the air, thereby reducing its emissions and fuel consumption.

In fact, Vauxhall engineers found that a cut in 10% of drag resulted in a reduction of around 2% in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), or up to 5% when travelling at motorway speeds. The new generation of Corsa already complies with the future Euro 6d emissions standard.

Factors aiding the class-leading results included covering the underbody of the engine compartment through to the rear axle with flat panelling to improve the airflow under the car, along with a rear spoiler to improve the car’s straight-line stability. The active shutter on the new Corsa lowers drag and improves fuel efficiency by automatically closing or opening when cooling air is least needed – an innovative feature for its class. When closed, the shutter redirects air around the side of the car rather than through the less aero-efficient engine area.

But making the new Corsa ultra-efficient hasn’t stopped there. The new generation model has achieved significant weight loss compared to the last model, with the range starting at 980kgs, up to10% lighter than before.

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