EDAG develops scalable floor assembly to ease development of EVs

Aug 13, 2019   Tier Suppliers

The EDAG Group has developed a scalable floor assembly for electric vehicles, which will provide major brands and startups with distinct advantages in bringing about the automotive revolution.

The only thing that is predefined in the SCALEbase is the distance between the front wheel and the heel point. All other measures of length and width can be varied, as its steel structure makes extensive use of sections. This makes it possible for the electric vehicle floor assembly to be scaled to fit just about any mid-range and luxury class eCar. The ideal basis for manufacturers’ platform solutions.

At the same time, local concept, dimensioning, design and factory planning requirements imposed on the vehicle by the automotive companies can also be taken into account. With this advisory concept, the data basis and corresponding team of experts, it is possible for manufacturers to cut at least three to four months off the development period and significantly reduce their budget. In this way, the EDAG Group – the world’s largest independent engineering partner to the automotive industry – offers its customers considerable advantages in the costly transition of the industry to electric mobility.

Another benefit: its scalability is not the only outstanding characteristic of SCALEbase; it is also ideal for the structural integration of battery systems. This means that the automotive companies can work with the EDAG Group experts to define and roughly design the various power levels of the planned eCar and battery module – depending on local preferences and the size of the vehicle.

To ensure that the electric vehicle floor assembly would be suitable for international use, current and future crash requirements from a large number of markets were taken into account during development. Should a crash occur, SCALEbase has optimised load paths to meet the ambitious requirements for the protection of passengers and the battery in the event of a side collision.

“In projects where it has been used, the SCALEbase platform has already demonstrated the fact that it offers customers added value,” explained Michael Schäfer, technical project leader. “Immediately after the concept phase, development work was begun on a vehicle for a new manufacturer. This is evidence of the enormous potential of our system.”

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