Mercedes-Benz Uptime service now available for Atego truck

Aug 16, 2019   Supply Chain

The Uptime service, which can be added as an option as part of a Service Contract or as a separate product, is now available for Atego trucks.

Vehicles with Mercedes-Benz Uptime communicate the current status of their systems, constantly and in real time, to both Mercedes-Benz Service and the transport company's own HQ.

If critical conditions are detected, the data from Mercedes-Benz Uptime is directly interpreted and possible solutions are provided.

Then, Mercedes-Benz Service will advise the customer on the optimum repair solution to suit their business needs. This makes it possible to detect any maintenance and repair requirements at an early stage and prevent any foreseeable breakdowns from happening. Furthermore, workshop visits can also be better planned and downtimes thus minimised.

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