"Transportation Matters" – Daimler Trucks & Buses launches first CEO podcast of the commercial vehicle industry

Aug 29, 2019   Supply Chain

Martin Daum, Member of the Daimler AG Board of Management responsible for Trucks & Buses, will talk to international guests from highly diverse social spheres, starting September 4.

Daimler Trucks & Buses is launching "Transportation Matters", the commercial vehicle industry's first CEO podcast. Martin Daum, the Member of the Daimler AG Board of Management responsible for Daimler Trucks & Buses who will become the new CEO of Daimler Truck AG on November 11th, will host international guests from highly diverse areas of society on a monthly basis. The spectrum of current challenges in the [commercial vehicle] business is very broad - climate change; digitalization; electric and automated driving; the future of the work world; modern, international leadership topics; and much more. With his guests from the fields of business, politics, media and sports, the CEO of Daimler Trucks will discuss these topics in order to learn, understand different point of views, create connections, find common ground and thereby work together to drive change.

The podcast is called Transportation Matters because transport concerns us all – even if many are not always aware of it. In the teaser episode Martin Daum lays out his intention for Transportation Matters: "Our business is very diverse and the range of topics is correspondingly broad. Some of these are quick to convey. Some need more space to be discussed in the requisite depth. For this deeper dive a podcast is, in our view, the optimal format. It can provide a lot of information, background and different points of view."

"With his three decades' worth of experience, Martin Daum is an influential voice in the transport industry – and his perspective goes far beyond the borders of his own line of business. The booming audio format of podcasts is therefore a perfect fit. It's all about an open and critical discourse on important questions concerning the economy, transportation and society. Therefore, Martin Daum has invited a different special guest for each episode and is assuming an unusual role for a board member as moderator and interviewer. In our podcast we are presenting our company and CEO in an up-to-date and innovative format in a profound way," said Florian Martens, Head of Global Communications at Daimler Trucks & Buses, at the premiere of the new format.

The first season of Transportation Matters consists of five episodes that will be broadcast in English or in German on the first Wednesday of each month. Serving as an announcement a teaser episode is now available on the podcast platforms Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube, as well as on www.daimler.com/transportation-matters/en.

Martin Daum will lead the talks with his international podcast guests. The first episode will be available on September 4. His guest will be Michael Fleming, CEO of TORC Robotics. Fleming will talk with Martin Daum about the challenges and opportunities of automated driving in the freight business. TORC Robotics is a leading company in the area of self-driving vehicles with many long years of experience.

The overarching topic of subsequent episodes will be, among others, the importance and sustainability of transportation, in discussions with, for example Joschka Fischer (former German Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor. Today, Mr. Fischer is managing partner of the strategy consultancy Joschka Fischer and Company, which he founded in 2009.). Other podcast guests on Transportation Matters will be Terry Stotts, Head Coach of the NBA team Portland Trail Blazers, and BrightHouse's Brad White on the topic of "Purpose."

The CEO podcast can be accessed and subscribed to at:

Daimler Corporate Website: www.daimler.com/transportation-matters/en
Apple Podcasts: d.ai/apple-md
Spotify: d.ai/spotify-md
YouTube: d.ai/youtube-md

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