Brembo launches Dyadema brake caliper for high performance supercars

Sep 11, 2019   Technology

Brembo has said that the Dyadema is the most advanced caliper that it has ever put into production for road cars.

The Italian supplier has called it an innovation that has all the technical features and design of a product destined to outperform the rest, bringing a range of unique advantages to the next generation of supercars.

Dyadema is a monobloc 6-piston aluminium caliper with innovative air cooling technology,
incorporated during the casting process. The caliper integrates a pioneering cooling duct
that increases the airflow around the brake pads. Thanks to this forced ventilation, the
caliper operates at lower temperatures and therefore delivers better, more consistent

The increase in airflow reduces the brake fluid temperature up to 15% compared with a
standard caliper, allowing the system to maintain maximum braking efficiency.
Dyadema offers the best cooling capacity of any brake caliper ever produced by Brembo,
delivering a consequent increase in performance and a reduction in braking distance.

The product's unique airflow feature is a natural outcome of Brembo’s research for maximum
performance; and is an outstanding example of cooperation between supplier and car
manufacturer to obtain an innovative product that is integrated into the vehicle’s design.
In developing the new Dyadema caliper, Brembo has underlined its DNA as an
experimenter and researcher of braking solutions that continue to raise the already high
standards of the company’s products.

The caliper is a combination of innovation and performance, fun and technology, with design
details that echo the high performance caliper styling for which Brembo is already

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