No rate adjustment in Hamburg port dues – HPA’s strong signal to shipping

Oct 11, 2019   Supply Chain

Next year Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) will be making no adjustments to port dues levied for use of the Port of Hamburg by seagoing, inland or port vessels.

In recent years, changes for seagoing ships were already below the inflation rate. Following various innovations and adjustments, continuity in tariff development will also be the aim in the inland and port shipping segment.

“Matching the start of work on fairway adjustment this year, by foregoing any changes in dues, the Port of Hamburg is sending a strong signal to our partners in shipping,” says Jens Meier, CEO of HPA. “As Germany’s largest universal port, Hamburg is clearly set for growth. With the stability of our rates, we are conveying a signal for Hamburg’s future as a logistics hub.”

In addition, any structural changes in port dues should promote more sustainability. Following many years of consultations with other ports, in 2020 evaluation of noise levels from seagoing ships will become possible. Vessels that are especially quiet will be granted a rebate on top of existing environmental incentives. This will be implemented as an element in the ‘Environmental Ship Index (ESI)’, or ‘ESI noise’ environmental incentive system. With well over 7,000 vessels and almost 60 ports participating, and HPA playing a major part in developing it, ‘ESI air’ has already become established worldwide. Against the background of the trend in ship sizes, a moderate increase has been made in the cap limit.

For additional details on port dues, please see:

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