WW Solutions begins accessorising Mazda vehicles coming to the US from Japan

Jan 14, 2020   Supply Chain

Mazda vehicles arriving from Japan and destined for the US market are being given the finishing touch at a WW Solutions processing facility in LA before hitting the highways of California.

Mazda vehicles arriving from Japan are now accessorised at WW Solutions’ processing centre (VPC) in LA. All facets of accessorisation are overseen here, including the placement and inspection of vehicle protectors, floor mats, splash guards and tow hitches, before they are delivered to dealers by rail and truck. The majority of Mazda’s current vehicle line-up – those produced in Japan – will be serviced at the VPC. In addition, WW Solutions will oversee storage and maintenance.


When it comes to resupplying dealers in the local area with the right vehicles at the right time for customer purchases, speed is of the essence. WW Solutions’ VPC presented an opportunity for the manufacturer to not only be centrally located in its biggest Californian market, but to maintain a competitive edge. 


“Thanks to its rail capacity to central US markets and local truck distribution to southern California dealers, the VPC offers us a competitive advantage,” explains Rob Milne, Senior Director, Supply Chain Management and Technical Services Division at Mazda North American Operations. “We need to remain flexible in these changing market conditions and the processing centre in LA provides us with the agility we need to react to the market and customer needs.”


Aside from the obvious benefits offered by the processing facility’s location, the LA VPC is also well-equipped to ensure Mazda’s high quality standards are met. As WW Solutions’ Operations Manager Andrew Prior explained, managing the full scope of vehicle processing and accessorisation at the VPC means Mazda benefits from seamless operations from receipt to departure. 


“We are well placed to meet Mazda’s quality standards and ensure on time delivery to the dealer/customer for optimal inventory efficiency,” said Prior. He added that to make the process as streamlined and cost-effective as possible, the VPC is using Mazda’s vehicle inventory management system, E-port, to gather real-time status information and “generate various reports to support WW Solutions’ processing efficiencies”.


Close collaboration between the Japanese manufacturer and WW Solutions has enabled the pair to develop a robust supply chain. Ahead of the arrival of the first vehicles in November, Mazda sent a team of accessory installers, engineers, dealers and quality assurance specialists to the VPC to provide training and ensure that WW Solutions had all the support needed for a successful launch. 


“Maintaining a mutual understanding with open lines of communication is key to continuing to develop an efficient and cost-effective process,” said Prior at WW Solutions. 


Going forward, approximately 55,000 Mazda vehicles will be primed for the US market at WW Solutions’ VPC in LA each year and delivered on time – even when the local roads are congested.