Volkswagen Group and Microsoft expand partnership

Jan 27, 2020   OEM

The Volkswagen Group and Microsoft Germany have agreed to work together on long-term sustainability and social initiatives. The aim is to promote and jointly implement projects in the context of social responsibility issues, such as sustainability, digital education and training, as well as corporate employee engagement for the common good. A framework agreement between the two companies has been signed.

Ralf Pfitzner, Head of Sustainability at the Volkswagen Group, said: “Climate protection and digital transformation are the key issues for the future of business and society. The challenges are immense - so it is particularly important that the transformation takes place on a broad social basis and that we take people with us. For this we need cooperation with efficient partners more than ever. ”


Sabine Bendiek, Managing Director of Microsoft Germany emphasised: “The time of solo efforts is over. The new decade requires common answers to major challenges. That is why we are bundling our commitment with Volkswagen and want to promote the use of digital technologies and artificial intelligence for the benefit of the environment, society and the economy. The focus is on supporting people of all ages in developing skills for a digitized world.”


Both Volkswagen and Microsoft are already committed to sustainability and digital education within the framework of their respective social responsibilities. They aim at giving people access to digital technologies and thus increasing participation in society and future opportunities. Now, the companies want to cooperate on their social commitments in order to create synergies and create social added value together.


Microsoft will offer a digital training programme at Volkswagen's renowned Faculty 73. This is intended to make both, Volkswagen employees and external job seekers, fit for the digital job market or to provide them with further training. The first 100 students will be able to complete the program from spring. At the Autostadt Wolfsburg, joint school workshops on topics such as programming and artificial intelligence are also planned.


As a further project, a “Thinkathon” is planned at the Autostadt in spring. This event, with participants from both companies, students and start-ups, will address the question of how to use artificial intelligence to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Another project is currently being designed for the second quarter of 2020 that addresses the United Nations' sustainability goals in a further creative format.


Volkswagen and Microsoft have had a strategic partnership since 2018 to jointly develop the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud.

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