Two additional facilities of Shiloh Industries tote powered by 100% Certified Renewable Electric Energy

Feb 18, 2020   Tier Suppliers

Shiloh Industries, an environmentally focused global supplier of lightweighting, noise and vibration solutions continues on its path to carbon neutrality with two additional facilities using 100% certified renewable electrical energy.

The facilities, located in Olofström, Sweden and Oss, Netherlands, join three of Shiloh’s North American locations committed to using renewables as their power source. Positioned in central Europe, the Olofström plant supports many global OEMs with large stampings, showcasing their world-class, deep draw ability. Shiloh’s Oss facility manufactures large structural castings in both aluminum and magnesium.


The two plants have already implemented and are currently using clean energy, while the locations in Warren, Roseville and Plymouth, Michigan recently enrolled in a green power programme commencing in January 2021. Twelve additional Shiloh facilities are also utilising clean electrical energy, ranging between 19% and 63%, with a target to achieve 100% renewable energy use across all locations globally.


“We are a leader in automotive lightweighting through our laser welding, structural die casting, and stamping technologies that reduce weight to improve fuel economy, extend battery range and reduce CO2 emissions on the vehicle and within the supply chain,” said Ramzi Hermiz, President and CEO. “The utilisation of renewable energy is just one part of the company’s overall environmental initiative.”


Additionally the company manufactures a 100% sustainable product portfolio; using only materials which can be recycled at end-of-use. It has established a global network of landfill-free facilities; in 2018 alone, Shiloh diverted approximately 340 million pounds of waste away from landfills. The company invests 100% of R&D funds in initiatives that benefit the environment through lightweighting and cleaner, more efficient manufacturing processes.


“Our focus on the environment has guided our product strategy, technology development, manufacturing operations and investments for over six years,” Hermiz said. “Shiloh continues to partner with our energy providers, equipment manufacturers, suppliers and customers to identify additional opportunities to support our goal of carbon neutrality by 2035.”

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