JATCO develops new 9-speed AT for RWD vehicles

Mar 31, 2020   Tier Suppliers

JATCO Ltd has newly developed the JR913E, a 9-speed automatic transmission for RWD vehicles. The automatic transmission for RWD vehicles is a high-efficiency high-response transmission that has ideal gear ratios and is constructed with an oil pressure system that enables highly responsive gear changes.

9-speed transmission allows selection of optimal gear for driving conditions. Thus the transmission can deliver a powerful and direct driving feel at low to medium speeds, while maintaining low engine RPMs at high speeds for low noise and high efficiency.


By minimising the mechanical losses in the oil pump and gears, JATCO has created a transmission with high efficiency. In addition, by adjusting the internal lubricant flow rate in response to driving conditions to ensure each component is always provided with the optimal flow, both high efficiency and high durability are achieved.


Highly responsive actuator enables driving feel that fully reflects the driver’s will. By activating the electric oil pump when shifting and improving the electric control of the solenoids in the control valve, the vehicle response delay following the operation of the accelerator pedal by the driver has been lowered to the absolute minimum, enabling the driver to drive exactly as they desire.


The JR913E is being produced at JATCO’s Fuji Area (Fuji, Shizuoka) and is installed in the Nissan Titan, which went on sale in February 2020 in North America.

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