GAC Motor resumes operations in China

Apr 1, 2020   OEM

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, GAC Motor has introduced various preventative measures to protect its customers and employees, while working with partners from all regions to assist in the global effort against the epidemic.

After overcoming multiple challenges, GAC Motor has resumed its operations, striving to ensure its production and supply chain remain unaffected. Despite the outbreak, the company has achieved a 114% year-on-year overseas sales growth for the first quarter of 2020.


Following the COVID-19 outbreak, GAC Motor also took actions for safety of its overseas partners and international car owners. It compiled a guide on business operations during current circumstances, shared experience with overseas partners, and will advise them to launch online platforms for presenting cars to consumers to avoid direct contact.


GAC Motor has also provided 550,000 face masks to its overseas partners for providing to their employees and customers to the stores, and will provide a batch of N95 cabin air-filters to overseas dealers for replacement per requests from customers in need.


In light of the epidemic, GAC Motor has also fast-tracked the implementation of its G-HEALTH Cabin Project. It will integrate environmental-friendly materials into interior design and an air quality system which filters over 97% of PM2.5 particles and inhibit the reproduction of potentially pathogenic bacteria in the air to achieve higher standards of cabin air quality. A triple filter air purification system and certified air conditioning filter to improve the effectiveness of droplet filtering and reduce droplet-based virus transmission will also be equipped with its vehicles. 


GAC Motor takes the health and safety of customers and employees as a top priority. It remains vigilant in the effort against the epidemic, continues to work with local and oversea communities, and spare no effort to ensure contributing aid and assistance. GAC Motor will stay committed to the company's value of caring for customers, employees, community and society, as well as sustainable development during its globalisation process.

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