VW Group announces personnel changes

May 7, 2020   People

Frank Moser, currently Head of Corporate Quality at Porsche AG, is the new Head of Group Quality. He succeeds Andreas Klar, who is retiring from the company under a retirement programme, effective June 1, 2020.

Christiane Engel, currently Plant Director at the Volkswagen Poznań plant in Września, also succeeds Andreas Klar – in his brand role – as Head of Quality Assurance at the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand effective June 1, 2020. Stefanie Hegels takes over as Plant Director at the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles plant of Volkswagen Poznań in Września effective June 1, 2020.

Frank Moser (50) holds a degree in mechanical engineering. He began his career at Porsche AG in the materials engineering/operating quality unit in Zuffenhausen in 1996. He became section head for materials engineering - chassis in 1999. Frank Moser assumed responsibility for special assignments and projects - complete vehicles in 2003. He was appointed assistant to the Board member for Research and Development at Porsche AG in 2006. He was given responsibility for testing and quality - complete vehicles in 2009, then 2013 moved to Porsche Production as Head of Quality at the Zuffenhausen plant, and has been Head of Corporate Quality at Porsche AG in Zuffenhausen since 2014.

Andreas Klar (56) is a master craftsman in metal production and management and a gradate in business administration (VWA). He began his career at Volkswagen in the cockpit production unit in Hanover in 1992. He moved to work design and planning strategy at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg in 1999. Andreas Klar became Head of Assembly in 2003, and was given responsibility for the assembly shop at Auto 5000 GmbH in Wolfsburg in 2006. He transferred to the Volkswagen Group in Kaluga, Russia, in 2009 as Head of Quality Assurance, and was subsequently appointed Technical and Operational Director in Kaluga in 2013. Andreas Klar has been Head of Quality Assurance at the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand since 2017. He has also held responsibility for Group Quality Assurance since 2018. 

Christiane Engel (53) holds a degree in work science and began her career in the industrial engineering department at Volkswagen Sachsen in Zwickau. Having held senior management posts at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, she moved to Auto5000 GmbH in Wolfsburg in 2001 to head industrial engineering there. She was in charge of industrial engineering at the Chattanooga plant (USA) of Volkswagen Group of America from 2009. In 2012, Christiane Engel assumed responsibility for work organization and industrial engineering at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Christiane Engel has been Plant Director at the Volkswagen Poznań plant in Września, Poland, since 2018 – the first woman in the Group to take up such an appointment. 

Stefanie Hegels (47) holds a degree in industrial engineering and has held various posts in Logistics at the Volkswagen Group for almost 24 years. She began her career in Wolfsburg in 1996, moving to Emden in 2005 where she headed Scheduling and Materials Management. After three years at Volkswagen Group Russia in Kaluga, where she headed Logistics, Stefanie Hegels returned to Wolfsburg, holding various senior management posts in Group Logistics. Stefanie Hegels has been Head of Logistics at the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand since March 2018.

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