Supervisory Board of Schaeffler AG with five new employee representatives

May 11, 2020   People

At its meeting on May 8, the Schaeffler AG supervisory board was regularly reconstituted.

After the ten shareholder representatives were newly elected by the Annual General Meeting last year, the Schaeffler Group employees elected the ten employee representatives on the Supervisory Board this year.

Andrea Grimm, Susanne Lau, Barbara Resch, Salvatore Vicari and Jürgen Wechsler were re-elected, Thomas Höhn, Jutta Rost, Jürgen Schenk, Helga Schönhoff and Markus Zirkel were newly elected. Norbert Lenhard, Dr. Reinhold Mittag, Dirk Spindler, Jürgen Stolz and Jürgen Worrich have stepped down. 

Georg F. W. Schaeffler, Family Shareholder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Schaeffler AG, thanked the departing members for their positive and constructive contribution.  

At its constitutive meeting held following  Annual General Meeting, the Supervisory Board re-elected Jürgen Wechsler, the former Regional Director of IG Metall Bavaria, as its Deputy Chairman. 

The Supervisory Board also renewed Andreas Schick’s contract as a member of the Executive Board for a term of five years. Andreas Schick was appointed to the Executive Board as Chief Operating Officer in 2018. He first joined Schaeffler in 1994 and prior to his appointment to the board held various management positions at national and international level.

“Andreas Schick has done a very good job in the past three years. Above all, I would like to positively mention his great commitment in coping with the current coronavirus crisis. On behalf of all members of the Supervisory Board, I wish Mr. Schick the best of luck and success in his challenging role,” Supervisory Board Chairman Georg F. W. Schaeffler said.

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