CEVA Logistics wins new contract with Volkswagen in Brazil

Jun 29, 2020   Supply Chain

CEVA Logistics has won an extension to its contract with Volkswagen for the operation of the company’s auto spares center at Vinhedo in Brazil. CEVA has been successfully operating the site since 2010 and the 132,000 sq m facility is the largest of its kind in Latin America. At the same time, CEVA has been awarded the top status at the site as part of Volkswagen’s LoPA program, making it the automaker’s best site in the world.

CEVA’s automotive logistics capabilities rewarded

More than 90,000 parts are handled through the Vinhedo facility on a daily basis with more than 40 trucks a day delivering freight from 600 national suppliers. The activities at the spare parts center serve a network of dealers across the light, commercial and heavy sectors.

The employees working at the spare parts center are active across multiple disciplines including receiving, checking, packaging, carpentry (where CEVA manufactures wooden packaging for storage and exports), exports, warehousing and shipping.  The contract renewal was based on CEVA’s operational excellence at the facility and its continual search for impeccable execution within the site.

Under the new contract, CEVA will focus on high performance and process improvement. New operational activities will also be undertaken, including using cameras to check all packaged items are correctly packed and using pagers and tablets to digitize the receiving and packaging processes. This will further reduce the time vehicles have to spend on the dock and increase operational productivity.

CEVA wins top marks in Volkswagen’s global assessment program

Concurrent with the contract renewal, CEVA has been awarded the top rating among Volkswagen’s audits conducted globally. Its LoPA (Logistics Process Assessment) program audits compliance relative to its logistics processes and is undertaken by inspectors from the car company’s head office in Germany.

This is the first time Volkswagen has awarded its top ranking Green status since introducing its LoPA program. The audit assessed inbound processes, internal handling, materials resources, KPI effectiveness, outbound processes and customer satisfaction.

Says CEVA Logistics Managing Director LATAM, Nadia Ribeiro: “Our entire team is extremely proud to have been awarded this new contract and to have won the Green status at Vinhedo. This is clear testimony to CEVA’s dedication and expertise in automotive logistics. The productivity and efficiency of our operations at the site will be further enhanced in the years to come with the implementation of innovative technology projects.”

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