AutoTerminal Bremerhaven handles AIWAYS' EVs coming into Europe

Aug 4, 2020   Supply Chain

The Chinese company AIWAYS has chosen AutoTerminal Bremerhaven as the first port handling facility for its battery-driven SUVs. The vehicles are destined for the European market.

The marine port and logistics service provider BLG Logistics discharged the new electric vehicles from the Chinese startup AIWAYS from a vessel belonging to Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean shipping line. Before the vehicles can continue on their journey to France, they are stored temporarily at the AutoTerminal Bremerhaven. During this period, BLG Logistics takes care of quality control as well as customs clearance for AIWAYS.


The AutoTerminal Bremerhaven handles, technically processes, and transports 2.1 million vehicles per year. The facility in the port city can accommodate up to 95,000 vehicles. AutoTerminal Bremerhaven is one of the world's largest vehicle handling ports. Each year, 1,300 vehicle-transporting ships dock at the terminal. All the major shipping lines for vehicles regularly use Bremerhaven. 


In recent years, the share of electric vehicles has increased – both in handling and in vehicle transport. The new drive technology requires changes in port infrastructure as well as in logistics concepts. In port cargo handling and transport, vehicle weight is a key aspect. The higher weight due to the batteries increasingly affects both load volumes and loading of the transport trucks and rail cars.

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